According to G.C. Garcia president and founder, George Garcia, knowledge is the most critical factor when it comes to getting client projects through the approval process. In the Spring 2020 issue of NAIOP’s Development Magazine, our George Garcia provided his insight for NAIOP members looking to secure building permits for their properties in the most expedited manner, regardless the size of the jurisdiction.

The article, entitled, “Turning Building Permits into Profits,” addresses the various factors that must be considered when doing due diligence for the permits required for nearly every new construction or remodeling project.

In the article, George shared with Development’s readers what he knows to be the most prevalent complexities when assisting land and building owners research and secure the needed permits for a project.

“Cutting through the red tape involved in land development, zoning and entitlements is mothering short of a complex series of carefully managed activities and processes,” said George. “Government and neighborhood relations, entitlements, due diligence, development coordination, permitting and business licensing are equally key elements.”

Though developers, asset managers, landowners, and other stakeholders understand the intricacies of entitlements and permits, many have neither the time nor resources to get through a jurisdiction’s sometimes-intensive permitting process.

This is where George and G.C. Garcia comes into play – with an uptick of development coming in from California, many out-of-state developers are unfamiliar with local jurisdictional regulations. Likewise, developers unfamiliar with local governmental standards and rules can sometimes make improper assumptions about the speed in which a jurisdiction will approve the needed permits.

“When due diligence has been conducted and channels of communication between the developer and municipality have been properly cultivated, building permits are rarely denied in areas of high or low growth,” said George. “What can slow up, or even cancel, a project in the permitting stage is when assumptions are made by a developer that the permits can be attained in the same manner and timeframe as other jurisdictions in which they have worked in the past.”

Read the full article in the Spring 2020 issue of NAIOP’s Development Magazine.