Las Vegas Lobbying & Lobbying in Henderson

It is crucial that all required documents are in place as quickly as possible for a successful outcome of your project. Lobbying forms an integral part of ensuring that the project moves forward swiftly. We have many years of experience with lobbying in Las Vegas & Henderson with the following  entities.

Elected Officials

  • City: Mayors & Councils
  • County: Board of County Commissioners
  • State: Senators & Assemblymen
  • Redevelopment Agencies
  • Regional Boards & Commissions: Water (SNWA), Transportation (RTC), Air Quality, Health (SNHD), Flood Control (CCRFCD), Regional Planning (SNRPC)

Appointed Officials

  • Planning Commissioners
  • Town Advisory Board
  • Task Forces & Committees

Agency Administrators & Staff

  • City & County Directors
  • Building Officials
  • Utility Departments: Henderson, North Las Vegas, Las Vegas Valley Water District
  • Utility Companies: NV Energy, Southwest Gas, Republic Service, Cox, Sprint
  • Planning Department
  • Engineering Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • Regional Transportation Commission
  • Southern Nevada Water Authority
  • Regional Flood Control