FREEWAY-CONSTRUCTION-2-JUL31-16GC Garcia is set to create the master plan for the new Boulder City interchange at I-11 and US-95. GC Garcia, Inc., a Planning and Development Service Firm, is pleased to have been selected by Boulder City to create this Master Plan.

The designation of I-11, coupled with State and local funding, is enabling the initial phase of the Boulder Bypass project to be underway. This creates an opportunity for Boulder City to plan an economic development area located at the new interchange of I-11 and US-95.

It is very rare for the opportunity to plan and develop the land surround a truly virgin interchange, that has no other development surrounding it. Having seen the potential, the City took the initiative for an RFP that would create a process and product. This will lead to a vision, assessment, community input and resultant Master Plan for this opportunity area.

Strategic opportunities are limited within the life of a city and require being astute in recognizing the circumstance and then being able to convert opportunities into success. GC Garcia has been tasked to make this vision become reality.

In the words of the nation’s greatest planner’s, Daniel Burnham: “If one has capital and a well-considered plan, the thing does itself.” This proposal will create a well-considered plan with emphases on land use, implementation and dispositions strategies that will create opportunities to enhance public values and attract the needed capital to realize the potential of the proposed area’s Master Development Plan. Many plans adopted by cities sit on selves and are not implemented. This failure is usually due to a lack of a practical assessment of market, physical, environmental, financial and political conditions coupled with inadequate or no implementation and dispositions strategies.

The proposal will offer a comprehensive strategy for not only assessing the area’s land use opportunities but including adaptive and flexible design and developments standards and guidelines. To be effective it will include implementation, disposition, financing and marketing strategies to ensure this Master Plan does more than gather dust.

The Consultant Team at GC Garcia will create a Master Plan which is founded on input and dialogue with the City Council, the Economic Vitality Commission, Chamber of Commerce, business community and the citizens of Boulder City.

The Plan will enable the City to know what steps are necessary to bring to fruition the vision and Plan. Within the Plan, the City will have a set of defined strategies for implementation, dispositions, financing and marketing to accomplish the proposed Master Development Plan.

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