When the highly respected national magazine, Site Selection, which covers Commercial Real Estate strategy and economic development, needed a thought-leader for the publication’s September issue, the editor-in-chief turned to G.C. Garcia, Inc.’s founder and president, George Garcia, for an interview.

The article, entitled, “The Silver State, Version 2.0,” addresses an increase in development and investment coming into the state of Nevada, and how people like George are successfully navigating the landscape as Nevada opens its doors to new business.

During their conversation, George gave his insight into Nevada’s transition to a more diversified economy, and how California-based and many other companies are benefiting.

“There’s no state income tax [in Nevada] and the benefits for people moving out of California are dramatic, and for a company, even greater because of the way the tax environment is here,” said George. “There are a lot of reasons for that to continue. This growth will probably drive more educational [investment], and medical has come a long way.”

George also discussed the pressing topic of long-term water supply in the state of Nevada, and how that might, or might not, impact industrial investors who are considering growth into Nevada.

“This year, availability has been incredibly good,” remarked George. “High-water-consumptive industries generally won’t work in parts of Nevada, but for normal industrial, distribution and assembly facilities – there’s no concern by the water authority that in a few years they’ll have to turn off the tap.”

Site Selection’s full conversation with George can be found in the digital edition here, on pages 202-204.