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Economic development is critical to any city’s efforts to maintain growth. But while it’s important, many of its aspects can be tricky, and unprepared entrepreneurs can find themselves in a costly mess if they misstep. That’s where G.C. Garcia, Inc. comes in.

Established by longtime Nevadan George Garcia in 1995, G.C. Garcia, Inc. is a Nevada-based land planning and development services firm. Meaning: the company will help clients with every aspect of redeveloping, acquiring or building a new location – from site evaluation, to coordinating with appropriate government entities, and everything in between. The company is well-established and respected in Southern Nevada’s local government and agency circles and is recognized as a leader in government and neighborhood relations, entitlements, due diligence, development coordination, permitting and business licensing.

On any given job, G.C. Garcia, Inc. can coordinate on a client’s behalf with local and state government entities, utility companies, neighbors, engineers and architects; assist in the processing of technical studies; redevelopment financial reviews and application submittals; bring in sound experts to analyze airplane noise; addressing the impacts of the site or buildings; and more. Of course, all of those project aspects run on different timeframes, and everyone’s priorities are different; it’s because of this that G.C. Garcia’s clients have found the company’s services so valuable.

Headed by Melissa Eure, the business’ Director of Planning, G.C. Garcia is a team dedicated to providing both public and private sector clients with tailor-made solutions, seeking win-win approaches and maintaining a high level of professional responsiveness to client needs.

The firm’s portfolio includes substantial experience in retail, office, multifamily, residential, mixed use, master plans, gaming, and redevelopment with projects in Henderson, Clark County, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Mesquite, Nevada. The firm also provides expert witness testimony in planning, land use and eminent domain matters.

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Our Services

The following is a sampling of services the company can provide:

  • Planning & Zoning Entitlements
  • Land Use Entitlements
  • Governmental Relations/Lobbying
  • Neighborhood Relations (Community/Neighborhood Outreach)
  • Permit Expediting or Processing: Building & Civil Permits, Mapping
  • Business Licensing
  • Redevelopment Projects
  • Redevelopment Financial Assistance
  • Condemnation Expert Witness
  • Due Diligence/Site Evaluation

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Relevant Experience

Master Plans

Worked in four communities using, revising, or updating the Master Plan.  Special focus on creating documents that are usable by the Governing Body, Planning Commission, and staff in guiding and selecting development projects on a daily basis.

Master Planned Communities

Established a concept and specific format to direct major projects to create detailed Master Plans for commercial, residential, and resort developments. These 10 projects encompass nearly 10,000 acres and are in various stages of construction.

Neighborhood Corridor Plans

Initiated and oversaw neighborhood preservation programs, downtown revitalization, and corridor plans. Included in these efforts were large citizen participation components and technical consultants as well as multiple jurisdictions and major land holders.

Annexation Studies and Plans

Assisted in developing policies and plans in guiding annexations and negotiating annexation agreements.

Transportation Studies

Linked the Master Plan and Zoning through a Land Use Intensity System based largely on traffic. Oversaw a Federal Demonstration Grant for Transportation Demand Management using Origin Destination Studies, Focus Groups and Computer Modeling. Directed a major corridor traffic analysis on how to identify alternative land use and transportation solutions for revitalization of a commercial corridor.

Project Management

Responsible for developing work programs, RFQs, and RFPs to achieve Governing Body and Planning Commission and Special Task Force objectives. Work includes small staff teams to large staff teams, including legal, financial, marketing, transportation, hydrology planning, and construction experts.

Citizen Participation & Mediation

Managed public involvement programs that enabled and facilitated participation by key stakeholders. Projects have ranged from small special interest groups involvement to over 3,000 residents, businesses and property owners.

Every project effort involved negotiation and mediation, in addition to facilitation and generating alternative solutions.

Achieved a mediated solution between a 2,000 unit master planned community’s Homes Association and the land developer.

Visual Simulations

The technology for communication has been well used for the developers, public officials and general public to better understand the complex and expensive projects that affect them.